Monday, June 22, 2009

Avery Loves Landon!

My Sweet Angel's !!

I feel so blessed to have two precious kids! I couldn't imagine life without them!

Monday, April 27, 2009


It was a rough weekend commnuting back and forth from the hospital, but Avery could only take being there a few hours at a time. She is warming up to her little brother especially since we brought him home today. She is much more intrigued and willing to help out. You got to love them at this age when they start understanding and can take orders: Avery go the diapers or Avery get the remote. She obeys with exactness and proud to have helped, well maybe 70% of the time. (Not to bad for just under 2) Landon has been pretty mild and easy going, he too also listens very well, I told him to not move while i left the room and he didn't budge. (Sometimes I wish Avery were still in the pet rock phase a lot more would be accomplished) Ali and the babe are both doing well. Ali is quite the "Cash Cow" already producing liquid gold like it is going out of style, if she keeps up this rate we will need to buy another fridge next month. All the nurses at the hospital were in amazment of how much she was producing, I have never seen such excitment over breast milk. I will admit I am going to miss the hospital in a few ways. It sure was nice to have someone watching your kid all night long feeding him and changing his diapers, I guess it was time to pass the torch to Dad while Ali recovers. I will also miss the free reign we had on the snack closet full of juice, oreo's and those amazing Lorna Dunn cookies. (I may have packed out a dozen or two with all our stuff when we left, hey at $400+ a night can you blame me? So don't judge me) Any who here are a few new pictures to enjoy.

Friday, April 24, 2009

More pictures of Landon

Landon Scott English 4.24.09

Here is a little bit of info and some pictures to enjoy until i have more time to do a slide show. Landon Scott English born 4.24.09 @ 12:55pm, Weighs 7lbs 4oz (Much larger than anyone expected) 19.5 inches tall. He was pretty lively right out of the gate showing off his new set of lungs. On the APGAR scale he was a 9. (Activity, Pulse, Grimace, Appearance & Respiration)He has some dark wavy/curly hair and a mad chin quiver. Mom and Baby are both doing great!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Landon update

Just to give everyone an update, Ali did not have the baby yet. The Dr. was expecting to induce her on Tuesday but after doing an ultra sound we were surprised to find out that the baby had showed sugnificant growth over the last 2 weeks and the fuild level was also high. THe Dr. was happy with what he saw and said that we are going to wait a little longer. THe game plan now is to wait for Ali to go into labor naturally if she does not by 4/23 the Dr. will do a C-section on Friday the 24th. THe ultra sound estimated Landon to be about 6lbs 4oz but he thinks that the baby is smaller than that.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Landon...WIll he arrive today?

Well, there is a good chance that baby Landon will make his appearance in this crazy world today. Alison's Dr. appointment is at 3:30pm and we will find out then. Last week Ali stopped growing (Same thing that Aver did) and the Dr. said he wanted the baby to "cook" for one more week and to plan on having a baby on the 14th. Unless there is some miraculous growth during this week. Who knows?? For me I think today will be the day. We also finished the decor in Landon's room, it turned out pretty cool.